Toxic for humans

Mining today is nothing more than a chemical process. Gold is extracted using large quantities of sodium cyanide. Even low doses can harm our respiratory, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, neurological, ocular and dermal systems.

Destroys pristine nature

More than 20 cyanide based mining projects in 10 countries in Europe are planned in the most biodiverse areas on the continent. Regions like Lapland, Galicia, Halkidiki or Transylvania are threatened to be blasted away and covered in cyanide tailing ponds.

Corporate takeover

Important decisions in EU are made away from public scrutiny. The Commission has monopoly on legislative proposals, yet it is unelected and not directly accountable to anyone. Big business is at the head of advisory groups and ex politicians are going through "The revolving door" to become lobbyists for large corporations.

Poverty, not job creation

Miners are interested in asset-stripping not local prosperity. Because of increased automation in sector it is unable to contribute significantly to job creation. The high level of environmental degradation inhibits economic diversification critical for the economic prosperity. In the long run countries become poorer.

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